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Flooring trends are constantly changing; if you are a homeowner, keeping up with the latest greatest can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to create an economic look and that stands the test of time. The matte brown look is out, no one knows whether imperfections are in, and it’s a toss-up as to which material looks and feels the best for you and your home.

Thanks to recent design polls, some emerging trends for flooring are economical, functional, and beautiful. With a combination like this, who can say no to a bit of upgrading to freshen up your living space. Check out these top 7 flooring solutions for your modern home:


1. Design Trend #1: Fumed Wood Flooring

This is not your regular hardwood flooring. Instead, fumed wood flooring has a vibrant color and grainy texture that does not need to be stained but fumed as part of the finishing process. Wood slats are placed in an airtight chamber with gaseous ammonia; due to this interaction, the wood undergoes a color change. As a result, no two pieces end up precisely the same, giving your floor a depth of color and character that goes unmatched when compared to other types of hardwood flooring.


2. Design Trend #2: Blanched Or Bleached Wood Flooring

Not everyone prefers deep glossy browns and grey hues of traditional wood floors. Instead, some prefer the whitewashed look of blanched or bleached wood to round out a whole room theme. The chemically treated wood in a blanched floor has been bleached so that much of the original color is lost, leaving a whiter and brighter look. Existing wood floors can be blanched to achieve this look, or you may purchase pre-treated wood and install a new and beautiful floor if preferred. Either way, you choose to upgrade, it’s going to be a lovely addition to your home.


3. Design Trend #3: Distressed Wood And Concrete Tiles

Distressed wood floors are brand new, but they are treated to take on a rustic look that looks as if it’s had loving care. Depending on the degree of distress you prefer, you can opt for something that looks slightly worn at the edges or pieces of flooring that have character added to them in the form of swirl and kerf markings. The whole look of a distressed floor has an old country charm to it.

Some people prefer the look of distressed concrete in their homes; the look is similar to that of distressed wood, but the material used to create the look is more durable. In addition, distressed concrete gives off a more modern feel; this type of flooring would be ideal in modern and contemporary homes.


4. Design Trend #4: Patterned Flooring

If the traditional layout of wood or laminate flooring is not unique enough for you, then consider the look of a herringbone or chevron pattern to spice up your decor. This look is becoming increasingly popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways, anywhere the homeowner wishes to make a big impression on visitors and guests. Peruse any interior design magazine or online article, and you’re bound to see beautiful examples of how patterned flooring can add to the uniqueness and beauty of your home.


5. Design Trend #5: Vintage Black & White Flooring

The look of black and white might be vintage, but it’s also clean and luxurious. Small tiles with bold and graphic patterns make a statement, and they are relatively easy to care for. Adorn your living space with this look on the floor that extends to the walls of your kitchen and bathroom, and you’ll achieve a one-of-a-kind look that others will covet and copy.


6. Design Trend #6: Reclaimed Barn Wood

What’s with all the wood on this list? Perhaps we’re trying to get back in touch with our roots through our flooring. Technology in flooring has become so advanced that manufacturers can now recreate the look of natural wood onto surfaces like laminate and luxury vinyl plank flooring, satisfying almost every homeowner and the unique desires for creating their look.


7. Design Trend #7: Graphic Tiles

For those who desire to create a bold and daring look, using their flooring as their art canvas, it may be time to consider making a look with graphic tiles. The sky’s the limit on a design using innovative technology, images can be directly applied to any surface, or geometric designs can create a functional and beautiful look. So unleash your creative side and express yourself through your unique use of your floor as artwork in your home.


When it comes to your floor, you are the ultimate authority concerning how you choose to express yourself. There is a unique and beautiful look for every style, preference, and budget, and there are endless possibilities for choice and color. So unleash your inner design diva and have fun with the process; you are creating a more beautiful home!